Need hay? Need straw? Healey’s got it!

Serving The BC Lower Mainland

Healey Hay & Strawdust Supply Inc…we normally go by “Healey Hay”. We’ve been open since November 2009.

Our sheds are on Powerhouse Road in Abbotsford and we serve customers from as far west as Delta and east as Agassiz.

What we carry:

Alfalfa, alf/grass mixes, grass (mixed grass, Timothy), pea straw, wheat straw, barley straw and our specialty, cut straw. We keep at least a load of each in stock at all times.

We sell big bales and bulk cut straw. If you need small bales, call Garth to work something out.

Finding what you need

If we don’t have a forage you need, we’ll find it for you. We’ve got a superb supply-chain and can source and supply quickly.

Get Your Straw Delivered

Our specialty is cut straw. We call it “strawdust”. We’ve been making strawdust from day one and have many customers who have been ordering it for years! Ask your feed rep about it, then give us a call at 778-808-9920 for a delivery.

Square bales in a big stack